Finca Las Lajas - Costa Rica

We recommend this coffee if you brew it with a filter, a French press or other soft brewing methods, and if you're looking for something funky and fruity. 

The sweetness of milk chocolate, a floral, highly aromatic nose that reminds of violets and a lovely creamy texture with a note of blueberry: this Costa Rican lot is a pure pleasure of rich complexity that will be wonderfully expressed in your favourite slow methods.

On the slopes of an ancient volcano, at an altitude of 1700 metres, the Chacón family grows parcel lots of exceptional quality. The “Black Honey” process is a drying process where part of the cherry remains on the bean and is covered while drying. It's an expensive and laborious technique, but one that gives the coffee an incredible range of flavours.

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Quantity: 250g
Roast: Filter