Red Plum - Colombia

We recommend this coffee if you brew it with a filter, a French press or other soft brewing methods, and if you're looking for an atypic profile (tip: use water heated at at least 98°C and wait at least 12 days after roasting for better results). 

As its name suggests, Finca El Paraïso is a paradise where incredible coffees are grown. Behind these exceptional profiles lies the genius of Diego Bermudez, an inventive enthusiast who experiments until he succeeds in producing beans with unique profiles. The Red Plum we have chosen has been treated by a thermal shock processing, which involves subjecting the coffee to a sudden change in temperature (similar to pasteurisation), resulting in a profound change in its molecular composition and therefore its flavour.

We loved its super-creaminess, its very fruity flavours with strong accents of sweet raspberry, almost like a candy, and a lovely floral note at the end, reminiscent of lavender. A real banger.

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19.00 € 24.50 €

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Quantity: 250g
Roast: Filter