Santa Hedwirges - Brazil

We recommend this coffee if you brew your espressos on an automatic or traditional machine or with a moka pot, and if you're looking for a comforting chocolatey cup of coffee.

The generosity of dark chocolate, notes of walnut and a fruity hint that reminds pear give this batch everything you need for a comforting espresso that's easy to prepare and easy to drink.

Santa Hedwirges has been growing coffee for over 90 years. Hugo Brito, representing the new generation, has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of the present batches. This coffee has been dry-processed and left in the sun on the patio for 19 days, which is much longer than normal (7 to 10 days usually) for a result that will give you a rich and complex espresso.

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7.80 €

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Roast: Espresso