We provide you with specialty coffee, carefully selected from farms all over the world. Throughout the year, we introduce you to seasonal batches, harvested by farmers paid fairly and roasted with passion on our Probat UG22.

About what we stand for, our core principle is respect. Respect for the hardworking farmers who grow and harvest exceptional coffees and deserve recognition for their efforts. Respect for Jolt's employees, who are vital to the company's success and need trust and independence to grow within the organisation. It's crucial for them to see the results of their creativity and commitment in the form of remuneration and recognition worthy of their participation in our shared project. And respect for our customers, who have the right to clear information about what they drink and how it is prepared. In short, we want to do things right, especially for the people.

We won't sell you anything that doesn't meet our standards. We recognize that coffee production has a major impact on the environment, so we prioritize quality over quantity. Our goal is to create an inclusive space where everyone feels welcome for who they are and how they feel. And where we drink damn good coffee.

Our Partners

Mist Teas 

Dorien and Geert go all the way from Mechelen to Taiwan to get their amazing teas directly from local independent producers.


Alice sources wonderful chocolate all around the world that respect her standards in quality and ethics.

Bloop Cookies 

Caroline creates fantastic vegan cookies in her kitchen in Arlon, always searching for new ways of blowing our minds (and tastebuds).

The dream team

(left to right) Caroline Delaey, Damien Sosson, Jonathan Basse, Joanna Emmerich, Florian Gallo - credits Richard Ion

Jolt is first and foremost a shared passion for coffee. And for good food in general. We like eating and drinking, and we also like people to be happy. That's our protesting side, we're for world peace and think bad guys suck. Then, after talking it over, we decided to start a business similar to ourselves. Speciality coffee, because that's where Jo and Nog come from.  In a collaborative working environment that plays to everyone's strengths, because Caro knows how people work best together. With a particular focus on ecology, with guidance from our climate expert Flo, who ensures our planet doesn't burn up as fast as it could. And it's all been possible thanks to the watchful eyes of Jon - half business angel, half Tony Stark (and half bear) - without whom we wouldn't have had the courage to take on such a big project.

They're talking about us

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